February 07, 2008

call of the waterfall

I watched as a huge waterfall came roaring down over the sides of one of the tallest buildings in Montreal. I could clearly see it happening from my bedroom window. It looked like it would be enough of a torrent to engulf an entire street and flood the neighbourhood with poison.

Then the phone rang in my dream and I ran out of my room to answer it. When I got downstairs a certain lady I used to know was standing there holding the phone.

It appeared that she had removed most of her clothes. Her face was expressionless as she hung up the telephone and moved in close to press her body against me.

February 06, 2006

fire escape cat hair

Sometimes my dreams are like a pornographic movie theater of the mind.

I dreamed I was hanging out with a certain lady... We'd been at a bar but we left to go outside. We were sitting beside a building underneath the fire escape.

We were touching each other, light touches. I ran my fingers through her hair. She stroked my thigh, squeezed it.

We were totally hot for each other. It seemed as though we were hidden enough from the street that probably not many people passing by would be able to see us. Without warning she whipped off her t-shirt. All she was wearing underneath was a thin little tank top.

I took her waist in my hands and pulled her close to me, lifted up her top and started licking and sucking her breasts. Then we were naked, she was lying on her back and I was licking her pussy. She was moaning and writhing all around. We were on a couch that had just somehow appeared underneath this fire escape.

Finally we just had to get out of there. We decided to head back to her place.

No sooner had we gotten all our clothes back on, than her friend popped out from around the corner. "Hi guys! Whatcha doin'?"

Her friend proceeded to sit down on the couch with us and start making all kinds of casual small talk.

Meanwhile, our legs were shaking because we wanted to fuck so bad.

~ Different dream. Different lady. We were fooling around in a park. We were hidden away behind a little brick building, and we decided that we were going to have sex, right there, outdoors in plain daylight.

I tore open a condom wrapper. The condom was already half-unrolled, which was strange. I got it onto the end of my cock and then I noticed it had cat hair all over it.

I had somehow gotten some of the cat hair all over my chest and arms as well. At first I tried to be nonchalant and brush it away. But it wasn't brushing away too easily.

Finally I stopped and looked at my lady.

She looked down at the hair-covered condom and said, "Yeah, like I'm really gonna stick that in me."

I said, "Hold on a minute. I'll go clean this up."

The bathroom was in another brick building across the park. I picked up my clothes, but I didn't put them on. Instead I carried them and ran across the park barefoot while doing the naked-man crouch.

I got to the bathroom and tried to open the door but it was locked. "Occupied," someone yelled from inside.

I held my clothes in a bundle in front of me and did the naked-man dance.

January 25, 2006

castle fueling

I dreamed I was floating through space.

There was a giant castle that was orbiting the sun, almost like a planet unto itself. I needed fuel so I docked at the side of the castle.

There was a hole in one of the side walls, and the way I fueled up was to stick my dick in the hole. It was very refreshing.

A bunch of swirly black-and-white hypnotism patterns started playing in front of my eyes. Then I woke up, or at least I don't remember what else happened.

January 24, 2006

mercedes butterfly

I dream I'm drinking tea with a woman. We're sitting in a log cabin that's also a fancy apartment in the city.

She's telling me about how she hates her name, which is Edith. I'm trying to tell her that Edith is an ancient name, a beautiful name, and no one in the 21st century should be able to give her any crap about her name. I'm being very passionate about this, mostly because I want to bang her so bad.

Then she stands up and opens up her robe and shows me her body and it is stunning, utterly spectacular. A huge cloud of butterflies comes flying out of her robe and engulfs my body. All the butterflies turn into bits of coloured tinfoil and chocolate kisses that rain down all around me.

Then I'm down on my hands and knees in a tastefully-lit car showroom. It's nighttime and I'm the only person in the whole place.

I can't leave the showroom because I'm locked in, so I climb into the back seat of a Mercedes and curl up into a little ball.

January 17, 2006

brazilian animator party

I had trouble sleeping last night. I was way too horny. Finally I dozed off and dreamed I was in Brazil making out on a couch with a beautiful Brazilian woman.

She asked me if Canadian women enjoyed sex. I didn't know what to make of the question so I said, "They sure do." She looked surprised, which I couldn't really figure out.

Then we were naked and I was licking her pussy. I remember noticing that the room we were in had a pink ceiling.

Then I was fucking her from behind and squeezing her big tits and pulling her hair, only we had to be super-quiet because a bunch of digital animators were having some sort of wrap party in the next room.

January 04, 2006

robot fencing

In my dream I was on the Jemseg bridge and I had to pee really bad.

I whipped out my bird and started peeing off the side of the bridge. A transport truck went by and the force of its passage blew me up against the railing. I got my noodle stuck in between two of the railings.

Then I was in a laboratory and I was testing out a robot fencing machine in a fencing match. Only instead of a fencing foil, I was using my dick.

There was a woman in a white coat watching from the next room and taking notes. I wanted to go talk to her, but I couldn't leave off the experiment. Plus I had my dick in my hand.

Then I woke up and I didn't have to pee at all so I don't know why I dreamed about peeing.