January 31, 2006

prison bread

The prison has just opened and none of the inmates have arrived yet.

In the dream I'm part of a small group that is touring the facility. The warden shows us a room with a hot tub and a spa. Then he says "You might like this" and leads me into a room with a fully-equipped recording studio.

The scene changes and I'm standing in front of a countertop making a sandwich. What I remember most is the vivid red of the plastic wrapper on the loaf of bread.

The wrapper is open and pieces of bread are spilling out onto the counter. I'm holding five or six pieces of bread in my left hand. I'm spreading Dijon mustard on each of the slices, one by one.

All around the room are shelves full of loaves of bread in their bright red plastic bags.

January 21, 2006

polish bookstore balloons

I dreamed I was having sex with these two hot Polish girls. They were smiling the whole time, like BIG smiles, with teeth. It was a bit unnerving.

Then the dream changed and I was lying on the top shelf of a bookshelf, all scrunched up into this shelf, ten feet above the floor.

It was in the back of some ancient used bookstore. An elderly lady was browsing through the store while carrying a bunch of helium balloons. She was down on the floor right below me and the balloons were tickling my nose.

I didn't want her to know I was there because I was afraid she would start asking me a bunch of questions.

January 09, 2006

book tongue

I dreamed I was walking through the library and pulling books off the shelf at random and putting them back in the wrong place.

I took down a book on home repair and opened it up and there was a tongue sticking out of the page. It tried to talk but since it was just a tongue without any teeth or lips all it could say was "Agggh luggghh raaalll" as it flopped around all wet and slick against the book paper.

Then the tongue started growing and flopped off the edge of the book and down to the floor. The tongue wrapped itself around my leg.

At first I tried to struggle but then I just kept walking around the library with this tongue wrapped around my leg.