August 20, 2009

blood bat

A mosquito bit me on the pinky finger. The side of my hand swelled up and turned purple.

A mosquito bit me on the back of the neck. I fell paralysed onto my knees and tumbled into the pit.

A mosquito bit me on the thigh and sucked my leg to a shrivelled stump. A whirlwind of black dust rose up in the forest. A bear jumped on top of me and fought me to the ground.

A mosquito bit me on the cheek and the whole left side of my face caved in. A napalm fire roared along the treeline. Blind civilians ran from their homes and fell straight into the foetid pit.

I've been having a recurring dream about a bat with blood in its mouth.

February 05, 2008

building cancer blood

The cat threw up on the wall. The walls contain cancer. The building itself is sick. The walls, the floors, the ceiling.

The bricks and the concrete. The building is rotting away from the inside out.

I sit in the dark basement with one of my boots resting in a puddle. Water drips down from some unseen crack.

It stinks down here. All I can smell is mold and rotting vegetables.

I’m wrapping my knuckles with duct tape to try to stop the bleeding.

February 01, 2008

horse-boy's last ride

I had a dream last night about a horse. The horse turned into a boy. And the boy had no face. He screamed in silence from a painting on the wall.

The nightclub was due to be torn down on Monday.

January 23, 2006

newspaper trike

I'm standing beside the fountain in Centennial Park. They sky is overcast and it feels like it's about to rain.

In the dream I've been waiting a long time, but I'm not sure for what or whom.

Newspapers are blowing around the park in the wind. Sometimes the newspapers will form into the shapes of animals, little cats and dogs that will run around the park and play for a few moments before dissolving back into newspapers.

Some of the newspapers form into the shape of a tricycle. The tricycle just sits there at the corner of a the concrete walkway.

Then I'm lying on my back at the foot of a long sloping driveway. The tricycle starts rolling down the driveway towards me. No one is riding it.

The tricycle speeds up as it comes closer and closer. It's definitely going to run me over. At the last second I close my eyes. When I wake up my eyes are still closed.

January 22, 2006

helicopter blender mouse

I got to dream that I was a helicopter pilot. It was cool!

I had a weird flash where I knew I was dreaming and I could do whatever I wanted. So I flew to Paris and buzzed around the Eiffel Tower looking at fashion models through a telescope.

Some dude in a hot air balloon was yelling at me in French. I just sort of ignored him. Then the whole "this is a cool dream and I'm in complete control" part went out the window, when he stood up and he was aiming a rocket-propelled grenade launcher at me.

The whirling blades of the helicopter transformed into a buzzing blender. I was sitting at the counter of a small-town diner where I had just ordered a chocolate milkshake.

The waitress put the metal milkshake container down in front of me. I looked inside and it was full of little crawling baby mice.

January 06, 2006

bear tornado

It was a perfectly typical tornado. But it was mine and I liked it. I carried it around with me in a Mason jar. Sometimes I would hold it up so everyone could watch the miniature swirling weather patterns.

It was a summer afternoon and I was walking through the woods. A big black bear stood up and growled at me. He must have been eight feet tall.

I took the tornado jar and threw it into the bear's mouth. The bear bit down on the jar and broke it and cut his mouth on the glass and started bleeding all over the place.

"I'll have your leg for a sausage," growled the bear but then the tornado flew into the bear's stomach and carried it away into the sky.

I started floating up towards the treetops but the bright sunlight distracted me and I woke up.

January 05, 2006


Last night I dreamed I was hammering nails into the roof of a doghouse. I missed one of the nails and hit my thumb instead. My thumb was squashed flat.

I was cursing and swearing. The dog came out of the doghouse and looked up at me and said "Quit messing around."

Then I was in my parents' living room on Park Hill Drive. I was watching a parade through the picture window. Queen Elizabeth drove by and waved.

I waved back with ten spoon-shaped fingers.

January 01, 2006

sabre tooth

I dreamed I was lying in bed with a beautiful woman. But I had to get up early and leave because it was sabre-tooth tiger hunting season in Gaspereau Forks.

I walked through the woods, carrying my crossbow. I was looking for tracks, broken twigs, a sign.

The sabre-tooth tiger was very elusive but I knew I would find it.