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bug leaf salon

I dreamed I was standing out in the ditch by the dirt road, trimming some bushes with a pair of red-handled shears. The day was grey and overcast. It was hot. I was dressed in t-shirt and shorts and I was sweating.

Thunder rumbled in the distance.

I tried to turn to climb out of the ditch but found I couldn't move. I looked down and branches were growing up through my shoes and all around my feet. The branches rose and and wound around my legs, immobilizing me.

At waist-height some of the branches grew twigs that sprouted buds. Then the buds opened out into large leaves, green and glossy.

On every leaf there was a caterpillar. Each caterpillar was acting out a different domestic scene.

One of the caterpillars was doing some ironing. Another was making toast. Yet another appeared to be relaxing on a little caterpillar couch, watching a miniature TV.

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