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quentin saloon brawl

Quentin Tarantino, the movie director, was in my dream last night.

A bunch of us were out at the bar just sitting around having a few drinks. Quentin was sitting at the table, talking on and on as if someone were interviewing him, only no one was asking any questions, people were just sitting there trying to get drunk.

The door burst open and a seven-foot-tall Russian guy stomped in and said "Who is strongest man in this bar?"

Quentin stood up and said "Well Junior, I guess that would be me" and it looked as though they were going to fight.

Then Frank Sinatra came on the jukebox and my chair started dancing underneath me. The chair carried me right out onto the middle of the dancefloor while it bopped around and the legs of my chair tried to do the Lindy hop.

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