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it takes a nation of millions to hold my cack

This is like the sequel to my AC/DC dream. I dreamed I was at a Public Enemy concert in Montreal. Except Flavor Flav couldn't make it so I had been asked to replace Flavor.

I was all stressed out because we were supposed to go onstage in two minutes and I couldn't find my microphone anywhere.

Finally I heard an announcement. "Get ready for PUBLIC ENEMY" and the crowd went wild and the next thing I knew I was onstage in front of thousands of people performing with Public Enemy.

I was jumping around and trying to be wicked hype and fresh even though I didn't have a mic. It was a rush!

At all the right moments I would try to lean into Chuck D's mic and say "Yo Chuck" or "Yeeeeahh boyeeee" but Chuck didn't look like he was enjoying that too much so I stopped.

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