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chess chase

I keep having these dreams where I'm being chased by cops.

These two cops are chasing me through backyards in an unfamiliar city. It's like a scene from a movie where we're climbing over fences and cutting through people's yards and jumping through sprinklers and stuff.

I go to splash through a Mr. Turtle pool and it turns out to have a false bottom with a ladder leading down into darkness. As I hurry to climb down the ladder I can still hear the cops above me: "Where did he go? Where'd that fucker go."

It's hard to say how deep the ladder goes. At the bottom it opens out into a small fallout shelter that glows with electric light.

An old man with a long grey beard sits alone at a table looking down at a chess game that seems to be in progress.

He stares down at the chessboard for a long time. Finally he looks up at me and says, "Well... looks like we're up shit crick now."

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